Mentoring Program

Following a very successful launch at HOPOS 2018, the HOPOS Mentoring Program will again be offered for HOPOS 2022, with Francesca Biagioli (University of Turin) and Maarten Van Dyck (Ghent University) serving as the coordinators of the program.

The chief objective of the HOPOS Mentoring Program is to help junior scholars receive constructive feedback on their papers from more senior HOPOS scholars. Ideally, each interested mentee will be matched with a mentor in her/his field of research, who will provide advice on how to turn the mentee's HOPOS conference paper into a writing sample for job applications and/or a paper to be submitted to a journal. Moreover, as in 2018, the HOPOS Journal will offer swift review times and an accelerated publishing schedule for papers submitted from the HOPOS 2022 Mentoring Program.  The Journal's publication schedule for mentees participating in the HOPOS 2022 Mentoring Program will be provided at a later date.

The Mentoring Program will be open to all junior scholars who have had a contributed paper, symposium paper, or poster accepted for the congress program. The coordinators will make every effort to ensure that every interested mentee is paired up with a mentor.  However, should there be more requests for mentorship than there are available mentors, priority will be given to those from underrepresented groups in philosophy.

Additional details about how to participate in the Mentoring Program will be publicized in early 2022.

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