Guidelines for Submissions

HOPOS 2022 accepts two types of submissions: contributed papers and symposia, which are topical collections of 3-4 papers intended to be presented in a single session.  For details regarding presentations of each type, visit the presentation guidelines.

To submit a proposal, contributors will need to create and account on the HOPOS 2022 website.  Proposals for contributed papers and symposia should be prepared for anonymous review.   The deadline for submission is 11:59 PM (PDT), September 21, 2021.

Proposals for contributed papers should include:

Title of the paper.

Abstract of the paper (maximum 500 words).

Contact information for all co-authors.

Proposals for symposia should include:

Title of the symposium.
Symposium summary statement (maximum 500 words).
Titles and abstracts of the papers (maximum 500 words for each paper).

Contact information for all symposiasts.

In addition, all contributors will be asked to respond to surveys regarding possible online participation and the HOPOS mentorship program.

Note for contributors to the HOPOS 2020 Program: After the members of the HOPOS 2022 Program Committee have been finalized, the Steering Committee will consult with them about the possibility of giving special consideration to abstracts that were accepted for HOPOS 2020. Whether any such consideration is given will be left to their discretion.

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